Service and relocation of industrial machines

Service and repairs of machines

We offer our clients service of industrial machines on their premises. Depending on your needs, we provide, e.g.:

  • cleaning the machines and removing leaks,
  • repairs of hydraulic and mechanical presses,
  • regeneration of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders,
  • service of hydraulic aggregates,
  • repair of covers and other moving parts,
  • replacement of operating parts (spindles, bearings, seals, valves, pumps, guides, chains, etc.),
  • removing of operating fluids from tanks (oils, coolants, etc.) along with cleaning of the tanks,
  • rinsing of the systems,
  • mechanical and electrical alterations,
  • structural upgrades and substantive support in terms of needed changes,
  • creating and updating technical and operational documentation.

Each time, we offer you a meeting including free consultations and order assessment.

We also have an industrial hall enabling us to offer:

  • carrying out a complete renovation (machines, assembly stands, devices) along with the delivery and assembly of new spare parts,
  • preparing a complete cost estimate for the repair,
  • performing functional tests and detecting irregularities,
  • updating the documentation after any changes made,
  • performing risk assessment and adapting machines to the minimum or essential requirements.
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Machine relocations

We have appropriate resources and competences us to install and relocate machines. Our offer includes the following scope of services:

  • disassembly of machines, marking and documentation of the process for easy assembly,
  • disassembly and assembly of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical connections (compressed air, underpressure, water, hydraulics, power supply) - we use solutions such as Geberit Mapress or Infinity,
  • vertical transport in the hall using specialized cranes or transport trolleys,
  • installation works,
  • electrical measurements,
  • packaging of machines in accordance with the requirements,
  • organization of transport from the place of collection to the place of delivery in Poland and abroad (including all necessary permits),
  • start-up assistance,
  • final acceptance of machines with the Customer's participation.
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