Containers and steel structures

Special packaging

We produce custom-made packaging for our customer’s product. Our specialists develop a dedicated concept and design, prepare 3D visualization, and then, together with the customer, we test the prototype. After the customer’s acceptance, the order is transferred to our production department. The products we offer can be equipped with spacers, moldings (PP, ABS, etc.), plastic slats (POM, PU), mechanisms and locks.
We also have our own design office and specialized CAD software – SolidWorks®, thanks to which we prepare complete technical documentation and check the durability of packages for static loads.

Metal containers

Metal containers are a great solution for storing and transporting various types of production elements. We are able to manufacture containers with non-standard dimensions and sides of various types. There are fixed or folding sides: made of mesh, flat sheet or rebated, characterized by increased strength of the walls.

Each metal container is reusable and can be utilized for storage of various materials. Simple construction allows for quick and easy cleaning of the interior. Therefore, a single metal container can easily change its intended purpose overnight. The mechanically durable and firm walls are perfect for the safe transport of metal, aluminum and plastic parts. With our containers you can deliver and store any goods without worrying about their safety. 

Transport and storage frames

For better handling of the goods in the warehouse and in the transport space, we offer transport and storage racks. We adjust them to a given product in terms of the capacity of a single container and the required number of containers stored on it.

Quick loading and unloading of goods is ensured by the specific construction of the frames. It can be done from both sides of the carrier or only one — depending on the preferences. The transport carriers are safe to use and meet all required standards. The frames are resistant to mechanical damage such as dents or breaks. Thanks to good protection against harsh weather conditions (especially rain and low temperature) and corrosion, our transport carriers can be used outdoors.

Metal pallets

They are characterized by a much longer lifetime compared to wooden pallets. Our pallets are made of various types of steel: mainly black S235JR and S355JR as well as stainless steel, which is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. We accept orders for non-standard pallets and – in the case of black steels – with different coatings: galvanic zinc, hot dip galvanizing, powder painting, wet painting.

Metal pallets are much more resistant and physically durable than those made from wood. They can be used to successfully transport heavy components. They are long-lasting and remain operational for many years. Harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and low or high temperatures will not harm them in any way. Our products meet the high requirements of all industries, including the automotive industry, where the working conditions are the most difficult. Invest in the metal pallets to ensure complete safety of storage and delivery of goods.

Transport trolleys

We offer various types of transport trolleys, which are a much safer alternative to forklifts. Our constructions are based on proven solutions, e.g. on the “C”, “E” and “V” type frames.
We are able to prepare a complete solution , tailored your strictly defined production requirements.

Steel constructions for individual needs

As an engineering company with a rich machine park, we also manufacture non-standard steel constructions. Depending on the customer’s requirements, these include: support structures for machines, work platforms, mezzanines, covers, trusses, fences, constructions for tanks and containers.

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