Containers and steel structures

Project development process

We have our own design office, engineering department, tool shop and prototype shop, so we can create from scratch the design of any type of steel structure or packaging. With commitment and excellent teamwork of our specialists we are ready to offer innovative solutions. We develop concepts and design, prepare 3D visualizations, and then test the prototype together with the customer. After full validation we start serial production of packaging.

Dedicated packaging

We produce packaging perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs. The products we offer can be equipped with dividers, mouldings (PP, ABS etc.), plastic strips (POM, PU), XPE foams, mechanisms or blockades.

Tin containers

Metal containers are perfect for storing and transporting various kinds of production elements. We are able to manufacture containers of non-standard dimensions and various types of sides. We can offer powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing or electroplating.

Packaging with textile inserts

Our racks, frames and transport carts are equipped with proven sewn inserts. We always select the material used for a particular detail. The solutions we offer our customers are modern, innovative and reliable.

Transport frames

In order to better organize the goods in the warehouse and in the transport space, we offer you transport and storage racks. We adjust them to the product in terms of load capacity of a single frame as well as when stacking several pieces.

Metal pallets

Metal pallets are characterized by much greater resistance and physical strength than wooden pallets. They can be successfully used for transporting heavy elements. They are more durable and fit for use for many years. Our products meet the high requirements of all industries.

Reconditioning and rebuilding of packaging

Sometimes packaging or racks just need to be refurbished or refreshed over time. We provide a comprehensive service of regeneration and modernization of steel structures. Our offer also includes washing and cleaning of packaging.

Transport carts

We offer various types of transport carts, which are a much safer alternative to forklift trucks. We are ready to produce for you specific logistic trains in combination with milk-run system. Our designs are based on proven solutions, including “C”, “E” and “V” type frames.

Steel constructions according to individual needs

As an engineering company with an extensive machinery park, we produce non-standard steel structures. Depending on customer’s requirements, these are among others: supporting structures for machinery, working platforms, mezzanines, covers, trusses, fencing, structures for containers.